farmstead faq

1- Is" Agriturismo Serra dei Costa" also a restaurant?
A. No. "Agriturismo Serra dei Costa" is only a bed and breakfast.

2- How many rooms do you have?
A. We have one apartement with four beds and two double rooms.
Look at Apartment page and Room page for more details.

3- Are Double rooms with private bathroom?
A. Yes all the room have a new brand bathroom with shower.

4- Which kind of comforts do you offer?

Private Garden
Play garden for children
TV on request
Typical products

5- Do you need a reservation and what are the prices?
A. We appreciate reservation. For Periods of Operation and prices look at prices page.

6- Are we indipendent in the apartment and rooms?
A. Yes, of course. The apartment and the rooms have indipendent entrance and the first day we give you the keys. But if you plan to return late by night, remember that you are not alone in the house, so that be quiet.

7- Do we need a jeep for arrive at Farmstead "Serra dei Costa"?
A. No you don't. There is a new asphalted road . You can see a map in "where we are" page.

8- What can we see in Roero area and near the "farmstead bed & breakfast Serra dei Costa"?
A. You can find a list of castle, food and wine addresses,
natural routesby foot, bicycle or by horse, in the page "visiting Roero" and links.

9- Can we buy your products like good wines, jams, syruped fruit, gravies, sauces and appetizers?
A. Yes for the moment only in our farmstead directly. Maybe in the future we plan an e-commerce site, but for the moment you can mail us and we see.

10- Do you sell your products to restaurants and professional operators?
A. Yes, of course. The are a lot of wine cellars and restaurants that buy our products like "Barbera Superiore", "Rusà" and "Birichin" and food products like
"Custard of apples and chocolate", the "Custard of apples and coffee", and"Custard of pumpkin and macaroon/Amaretto", "Extra carrots jam", "Extra kiwi jam", "Extra pumpkin jam" Chili peppers filled","Aubergines in little pieces" and classic "Piedmontese Appetizers".

11- What kind of wines we can taste?
We produce " barbera superiore", "rusà, "Birichin" (arneis), custards, syruped fruit, gravies, sauces and appetizers and typical Roero and Langhe products.
In the Roero and Langhe area you can taste also others typical Piedmont wines like "nebbiolo", "brachetto", "dolcetto" and "bonarda".

12- I Are your products biological?
We utilize traditional and natural methods of cultivation, but we don't want to certify the process if that means huge costs for producing the same product.



Strada Serra dei Costa, 2/A - Priocca (CN) - Tel. [+39] 0173 - 616025 Mobile [+39] 3387334091